How to find duplicates in Excel

Excel 2007 introduced a pretty nifty built-in tool for finding duplicates and removing them from Excel. It’s simple to use and fast. Follow these steps to use:

  1. Click the data tab (See screenshot below)
  2. Select the columns you want to find duplicates across
  3. Click Remove Duplicates
  4. A pop-up box appears where you can select the columns you want to use for deduping
  5. The total number of records is listed as are the number of duplicates

Once you are happy with the number of duplicates you can click the button to remove them.

Screenshot Excel 2007 - how to find duplicate records

It’s a great tool if all you want to do is remove exact matches without checking through them.

If you need to do some more elaborate deduping then use a tool like DedupeYourData:

  • Find duplicates in Excel lists
  • Match one list against another
  • Match using soundslike
  • View all duplicates and scroll through them
  • Remove/delete duplicates and download clean lists